Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Number One Choice by Law Enforcement Officials for Badges and Insignia

Although in the 1600’s Boston established the first law enforcement system in the 13 colonies, it wasn’t until 1858 that Boston and Chicago issued uniforms to their officers. The Blackinton® manufacturing plant opened in Massachusetts in 1852. We were one of the first companies in the US to create a police badge and we continue to manufacture our badges in the U.S. over 165 years later.

From inception our unique craftsman were heralded as the best around. From Blackinton’s inception our unique craftsman were heralded as the best around. Today we remain the number one choice for police and sheriff badges and uniform insignia by law enforcement professionals everywhere. Blackinton shields, star, sunburst and state specific badges have been the number one choice of Chiefs across the country. We have provided badges for the largest departments in the country including, but not limited to: Atlanta PD, Boston PD, California Highway patrol, Chicago PD, Houston PD, Massachusetts State Police, New York State Police, and many many more.

Our police badges and insignia are being worn by police and sheriff departments across the country. 

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Pride And Commitment To Serve

We don’t claim to know what a law enforcement professional does day in and day out. What we do know is that Law enforcement professionals courageously defend civil liberties while securing the safety of fellow citizens. Each day you put your life on the line to keep us safe. The badge you wear transforms you from an average citizen to a figure of authority, an enforcer of law and order, justice and freedom.

We want you to stand proud behind your badge and its principles, so we stand proudly behind our commitment to providing you with the most durable, finely detailed quality badge on the market. We hope the pride you feel in wearing your badge matches the pride everyone in our company feels in making it for you!