UVShift Badge Security

UVShift Badge

UVShift Badge Security

UV Light Activated Badge Security Solution

UVShiftTM  is a low cost, easy way to visually validate whether a badge is authentic.  Like SecureShift, UVShift relies on enamel.
First the agency decides on a code they would like embedded, and hidden, on the back of the badge.  For instance, an officer ID#, sequential code, or an acronym.  Then Blackinton embeds the code on the back of the badge and covers it with an Ultra Violet (UV) enamel.  Most importantly is the code is hidden behind the enamel, thus you can’t see it.  The code remains hidden until an ultra violet light is shined on the area.

Key Features

      • Low cost anti-counterfeit solution
      • Only visible with a black light
      • Embedded code is discretely hidden on the back of the badge
      • The agency can pick the code: officer ID#, a sequential code, or an acronym