Blackinton Advantage

Badge Industry Standard for Design, Craftsmanship, and Selection

Blackinton® has become the public safety badge industry standard for design, craftsmanship, and selection.  Over 163 years ago the road was paved by dedicated expert craftsman, a loyal passionate group of skilled workers who focused on creating the highest quality product on the market.  This same pride continues to be the driving force behind today’s talented employees at Blackinton.  The pride we feel in manufacturing fine metal badges and insignia has been matched only by the pride of the millions of public safety professionals who have worn them.  At Blackinton we strive to deliver the best quality products in the industry.  Click here and view our video “How a custom badge is made,” and see why Blackinton is the standard for badge design.

What differentiates us from the competition?

Made in USA

The Blackinton manufacturing plant is a 60,000 square foot facility located on 24 acres of land in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts.  The factory is set up to handle ALL stages of badge production under one roof, here in Massachusetts.  The one level expansive manufacturing floor was designed to facilitate a smooth production flow from department to department thereby speeding production and reducing material handling.

Blackinton remains in the same community it started in over 163 years ago.  We are proud of our American made product line, and the success and longevity we have had manufacturing our products here in America.

In recent years due to customer needs we have had to offer a lower priced, lower quality, stock product line of gifts and insignia.  Due to the competitive nature of these products we have had to source them overseas.  The products that are sourced overseas fall into our jstock product line.

Speed of Delivery

At Blackinton® we strive to attain 100% on-time delivery of all orders – all the time.  Our products are custom handmade products, created and personalized explicitly for each individual.  Considering the intricacy of our orders and products we are proud to tell you that our standard badges ship within 3-4 weeks of order receipt.

Do you need your badges even quicker?  We are the ONLY badge manufacturer who offers an accelerated badge shipping program.  Under our QuickShip program custom personalized badges ship out within 5 days of order receipt at Blackinton.  We are so confident in our ability to meet this delivery time we guarantee your badge will ship within 5 days or you will get it for free.  Click here to learn more about our QuickShip program.

Outlined below are our standard shipping times based on order receipt at Blackinton®.  One thing to note when placing an order a hard enamel badge takes 5 days longer to manufacture than regular enamel, because there are 17 additional manufacturing steps involved when using hard enamel.

​Quick Ship 5 days or less
Standard Styles​ (for tri-tone add one week)

​Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

​3 weeks or less

4 weeks or less

​*Custom with Tooling, less than 200 pieces ​

​Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

​4 weeks or less

5 weeks or less

​200-600 Pieces (for ​tri-tone add one week)

Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel​

​4 weeks or less

5 weeks or less

​601-1000 Pieces ​(for tri-tone add one week)

Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

5 weeks or less
​6 weeks or less
> 1000 Pieces​ ​Dates are negotiated

Superior Quality

Blackinton would not still be prospering after 163 years in business if our products were not well made.  Quality is not just a word we use it is a value, a creed, we stand behind.  Quality assurance is ingrained into everything we do.  Quality inspection begins at order receipt.  Spot checking orders – everything from spelling errors (you wouldn’t believe the many variations of the word lieutenant, liutenant, lieutenent, etc.. we receive) to the incorrect building of product.

Once on the manufacturing floor a badge will go through a minimum of 7 in-process inspections, occurring after different stages of the manufacturing process (engraving, enamel, polishing, etc).  Each stage looking for imperfections.  On top of our in process inspections all in-coming material is inspected upon receipt at Blackinton, and prior shipping there is a final inspection of your badge.

If at anytime during the process a product fails to meet our stringent quality standards, the badge will be reworked or remade depending of the severity of the imperfection.  We strive to correct imperfections in the most efficient time friendly manner we can.  There are occasions when a product must be remade. We will notify our customers at this point and work to rush the product through the factory.

We understand your desire to receive your product quickly, but there are times a product must be remade slowing the production process – in these instances we have to weigh quality vs speed.  We understand the pride you have when you pin your badge to your chest – so we strive to make your badge a reflection of you.

Green Operations

Not only are our operations secure – they are green!  We have 100% pollution control at Blackinton.  When we moved to our new building we built a waste water treatment facility in-house as part of our factory.  We completely reuse 100% of our waste water.  In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint on the world in 2016 we undertook a major solar field installation project.  The solar field sits on 2 acres of our 29 acres of property.  Blackinton’s electricity consumption from the grid will be reduced by 50%.  Click Here to learn more.

On top of being green we are safe, so safe indeed that since 2002 each year we have received the United States Department of Labor OSHA “Sharp Award”.  As an award recipient we are exempt from annual OSHA inspections.

Blackinton also operates a secure facility – we have been inspected and approved by the United States Government Secret Service.  We also employ video surveillance at all entrances and exits, as well as 24x7x365 third party alarm monitoring.

Order Capacity

Truly one of the most unique characteristics about Blackinton is its ability to handle orders of all sizes.  We process orders containing just one piece to thousands of pieces per order.  Most manufacturers can not handle this volume especially if they are subbing out overseas.  All Blackinton Badges are produced in-house, in the United States in Massachusetts.

On average we receive 700 orders per day and at any time out on our manufacturing floor there are over 10,000 badges in various states of manufacturer.  Truly unique considering each badge is personalized and we have 1,000’s of different badge styles to choose from.

We invite you to take a tour of our manufacturing plant to truly get an appreciation for the manufacturing process.  Call your sales representative (800) 699-4436 to schedule a tour.

Security Solutions

Blackinton is the only badge manufacturer in the world authorized to sell the below field proven security solutions.

Click Here to learn more.