Metal Die Policy


Precision dies are the backbone to creating a custom Blackinton Badge. We welcome all requests for new dies.  All dies manufactured by Blackinton are owned by Blackinton subject to the following provisions relating to use and control of the die by the end user or dealer.

  • A die for a badge, seal, or panel fabricated by Blackinton® in accordance with an end user specific design is considered an end user controlled die.
  • The right of dealers to order badges, seals, or panels utilizing an end user controlled die shall be subject to the control of the end user.
  • The dealer of record for an end user controlled die shall have the initial right to order products utilizing such die.
  • At any time an end user may assign permission to one or more other dealers to order products utilizing end user controlled dies.
  • In instances where a dealer provides a die or a dealer requests fabrication of a die incorporating a specific design that is not an end user design (a dealer designed die) the dealer controls the use of the die, provided, however, that unless the design is protected by a registered trademark or copyright, Blackinton® may produce an identical or substantially similar die for one or more other dealers.
  • Blackinton® will utilize a dealer designed die only for the manufacture of products for that dealer.
  • The use of all other dies fabricated by Blackinton® other than end user controlled dies or dealer designed dies shall be controlled exclusively by Blackinton®.
  • End user controlled dies and dealer designed dies may be subject to fabrication or set up fees.
  • The maintenance and storage of dies and tooling is the sole expense of Blackinton®.
  • Blackinton® will not reproduce product incorporating copyrights or registered trademarks without proper permission.
  • Blackinton® will retain possession of all dies and, except for dies furnished by an end user or dealer, Blackinton® will not return any die to any dealer or end user.