Badge Security Solutions

Security Badge Solutions

Badge Security Solutions

A police badge, fire badge, sheriff badge, or government badge is a powerful symbol.  Most importantly the badge identifies the wearer as a public safety official.  Above all, a badge in the wrong hands can be very dangerous.

The catalyst for developing our badge security solutions is corruption, impersonation, and poor inventory management.  Thus the badge security solutions are very popular in countries where there is a lot of lawlessness.  At any rate the goal in developing the solutions is to help agencies protect themselves from evil.  Also equally important is protecting the public.

Our tamper-proof field proven solutions are scalable to meet the needs of every agency.  For instance our solutions offer both visual and electronic validation.  For instance our solutions can validate badges, so you can confirm if a police officer is authentic.  Blackinton is the only badge manufacturer in the world authorized to sell the below badge security solutions.

Visual Authentication

First we have two solutions that offer visual validation.  In other words you validate by looking at the badge.

  • SecureShift® Color shifting enamel.  With a slight turn of the badge the enamel changes colors. Most popular is a color shift from blue to purple.
  • UVShiftTM  UV light activated code embedded behind SecureShift on the back of your Blackinton badge.

Electronic Validation

  • SmartShield® – A Blackinton badge with an RFID chip embedded in its back allows for automated electronic data collection and field validation.

SecureShift® is a registered trademark of JDS Uniphase Corporation.