What is FlexBadge?

Law Enforcement Patch


What Is A FlexBadge Emblem?

FlexBadge is a 3D flexible alternative to the traditional law enforcement patch and direct embroidery.  FlexBadge is exceptionally detailed and has a metallic finish, thus it conveys authority.  Equally important we offer subdued finishes for your tactical needs.  Just like a metal badge you can order your FlexBadge in gold, silver, black, gunmetal, and we even offer a pink finish.  Therefore, ordering a FlexBadge is very similar to ordering a metal badge.  Additionally, you can personalize FlexBadge with the lettering, finish, seal, and backing of your choice.  We have custom and standard offerings available, so we have a solution that will meet your needs.  Have we piqued your interest? If so, contact an authorized Blackinton dealer or our sales team.

Below is additional information about our FlexBadge offering:

  • Lightweight and metallic in appearance, unlike a law enforcement patch
  • Flexible, hence has a comfortable fit
  • More detailed and authentic looking than a law enforcement patch or direct embroidery, thus it conveys authority
  • Heat press activated textile adhesive for permanent use on uniforms and caps
  • No minimums on standard styles, so you can purchase one or a thousand FlexBadges
  • Hard Surface adhesion, so it’s perfect for helmets, equipment, and outerwear
  • Die cut Velcro application available, therefore it’s interchangeable
  • Lies flat on material and will not buckle, unlike embroidery
  • Dry cleaning and household laundry safe

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The below buttons will bring you to additional information about both our standard and custom FlexBadge offerings.  If you are ready to choose your style visit our FlexBadge products page.  We have over 100 standard styles to choose from.

FlexBadge Videos

Watch our videos to learn more about FlexBadge.

Title Description Duration Watch
Blackinton FlexBadge Learn about Blackinton's FlexBadge emblem our new lightweight, 3D, flexible Metallic Law Enforcement and Fire Emblem 1:51
Heat Press Set Up & FlexBadge Application Instructional video showing how to set up your heat press, and in a few easy steps how to apply a FlexBadge law enforcement or firefighter emblem to a garment. 4:16