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Inaugural Badges

Federal, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Services, & Public Safety Inaugural Badges

We can work with you on a custom project with expected delivery after the Inauguration.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

With over 169 years of manufacturing experience in the United States we are a company that you can depend upon to deliver a highly detailed quality product.
We have a renewed focus on the art of Inaugural badge design, and our 2021 Presidential Inaugural Badges are some of our most unique creative designs.

We work with Federal Agencies, local law enforcement and fire service departments, and all other public safety groups. ​If you are looking for an original badge our sales and art team will work closely with you in developing your concept into a detailed one-of-a-kind inaugural badge.   Please keep in mind the time has past to order a custom badge in time for the 2021 Inauguration.  Our badge creative process ensures you are involved every step of the way, so we can feel confident we are meeting your creative and budgetary needs.

If you are interested in starting a program contact our specialist today!

Jeff Orlando

Blackinton Federal Sales Manager

(800) 699-4436 x124

Blackinton Key Differentiators

  • Inaugurals For Public Safety Groups
    Federal, Law Enforcement, and Fire Services
  • Online Ordering Available
    Custom websites and order forms available
  • Order Capacity (order 1 – 1,000’s)
    Our facility is capable of processing orders consisting of 1 badge up to thousands of badges
  • Speed of Delivery
    We are committed to meeting your delivery needs within your budget
  • Security Solutions
    Economically priced embedded badge security solutions
  • Exceptional Quality
    Intricate hand-crafted designs captured in superior metals and finishes
  • Pins, Coins, and Sets Available
    We can replicate your badge as a lapel pin or challenge coin
  • Made in the USA Since 1852
    The leader in our industry since the Civil War!

From Concept To Production

Step one in the process is meeting with you to understand budget, timeline, and creative concept you would like us to build upon. If you are unsure of the badge design you are after leave it up to our talented artists. The evolution of design builds upon history and tradition.

From line drawings to badge renderings your custom inaugural badge begins to evolve. Our unique artwork is free, as is the badge prototype that you can request prior to us cutting the die. Once approved each badge is hand-crafted here in the U.S.A. out of the most exquisite metals and finishes.

”I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and your company for presenting the members of the Houston Fire Department unit Tower 18 (Senior Captain Brad Hawthorne and Engineer Operator Dwayne Wyble) as Medal of Valor recipients. As recognition for their heroic actions.​.. The Medal of Valor’s will be carried close to their hearts and continue to fuel their fire to provide the highest degree of customer service to our citizens while providing for the safety of firefighters.

On behalf of the nearly 4,200 men and women of the Houston Fire Department, thank you for all that you do. “

Terry Garrison Houston Fire Chief City of Houston Fire Department