FlexBadge Videos

Videos Highlight Versatility of FlexBadge Emblem

Some things are better shown with a video and FlexBadge is no exception. Watch the below videos to better see how FlexBadge compares to embroidery, and understand why so many departments are making the move from thread to FlexBadge. Not only is FlexBadge flexible and lightweight it is metallic, which exudes authority.

David Elliott Shows Off FlexBadge

1:16 Our partner Lawmen Supply Company visited our booth at the Police Security Expo in New Jersey, and they asked David Elliott to speak about FlexBadge.  A dependable, customizable alternative to embroidery.

What Is A Blackinton FlexBadge Emblem

1:51 What is FlexBadge?  Watch this video and learn about Blackinton’s new revolutionary flexible metallic emblem – FlexBadge.  FlexBadge is changing the way public safety professionals think about embroidery.

Heat Press Set Up & FlexBadge Application

4:16 This Blackinton video illustrates how to set up your bottom heat presses temperature, time, and pressure.  The video moves on to display how to apply a Blackinton FlexBadge to a black Blauer polo shirt.