Returning Your Badge

Non-Warranty refinishing of a badge must be sent to us via an Authorized Blackinton Dealer. We DO NOT provide prepaid shipping for badge refinishing.  If your badge is one of our high end finishes, it will be refinished for free, please download the attached form and send it in with your badge. The cost to refinish non-warranty finishes is $35.00/badge, and payment is due prior to the repair(s). (Dealers may add additional handling charge).  

Refinishing Information

  • Refinishing will not remove deep scratches or digs in the metal but will restore the badge finish to a bright luster.
  • When a badge is refinished the detail in the design, lettering, and enamel are re-polished, so after a badge is refinished more than once the design and lettering will be less distinct and may not be able to hold enamel due to the shallowness of the incised lettering.
  • There is a maximum of 50 badges per month per department that can be sent back for refinishing​
  • *Enamel on a badge may crack or chip when a badge is refinished. Refinishing is done at the owner’s risk.​
  • *Enamel is fixed for free; although all high-end badges will incur a shipping and handling charge of $13.00 per style per order.
  • We will only refinish a badge manufactured by Blackinton®.
  • This warranty only applies to the original agency who is the intended recipient. The warranty for repair and or refinish does not apply to collectors or a badge collection.

Our high-end badge finishes:  Hi-Glo®, Rho-Glo®, Two-Tone, and VHB Karat Klad are refinished for free.

After refinishing a badge more than two times the detail of the badge may be compromised.  Blackinton reserves the right to refuse your badge for refinishing if we feel it is beyond its life expectancy and cannot be restored to suitable condition.

*Hard enamel is fixed with paint, therefore there may be slight variations in the look of the lettering after it is repaired.  This is unavoidable, because the manufacturing process for hard enamel requires the badge be placed in very hot ovens.  A finished badge cannot withstand that extreme heat, so we use paint to repair a hard enamel badge.