Vibrant Enamel Seals

Customizing your Police or Fire Badge with an Applied Seal


Full Color Seal, A vibrant enamel seal available in the numerous colors.  Our full color seal is free with our high-end badge finishes (Hi-Glo, Rho-Glo, Two-Tone, and VHB KK).  All other finishes will incur a small add-on charge.


One Color Seal, is a seal with only one color.  The color is generally around the rim or in the background.  This is a free seal with our high-end badge finishes (Hi-Glo, Rho-Glo, Two-Tone, and VHB KK).  All other will incur a small add on charge.


Plain Seal, is a seal with no color.  This is a free seal with all finishes.

Custom Seals - Are FREE if 25 or more badges or medals are ordered

An economical way to personalize a badge is to add a custom applied seal to one of our standard badge or medal styles.  A vibrant enamel seal is a great way to customize your badge.  Whether it be with your city or town, or maybe your department is having an anniversary? Our artists will work with you creating a truly unique seal.  As always our art services are offered free of charge.

If you order more than 25 badges with your new seal we will waive the die charge for the seal. Allowing any department the ability to afford, and wear, a custom badge.  Watch our Final Four video as we follow a custom seal through the factory.  You will see we have the same pride and attention to detail in the creation of your seal as we do with your badge.

Our modeled seals (three dimensional) does not fall into our free seal promotion.  Below is an example of a modeled seal.

Interested in a Custom Seal?

If you order 25 badges your custom seal is free!