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Blackinton Custom Badges On Budget and On Time

A custom badge is when art meets metal.  Imagine including a local landmark;  state, city, or town symbol, a historic building into your custom badge.  Including local symbols is a great way to connect with your community. Many police and fire departments also celebrate their anniversary with a custom badge.

A custom badge can simply include a custom seal, or unique finish.  On the other hand it could be an entirely new badge design.  Budget, timeline, and department and state standards should be factored into your project.  We tailor a solution to meet both your timeline and your budget.  Visit our Badge 101 page or click here and view our video series “A Custom Badges Journey To Police Week.”  Both outline the steps we take to exceed your expectations.

Below Are Three Ways To Create A Custom Badge

Economical Personalized

An economical way to customize your badge is using a different or unique finish.  For instance, an Antique finish adds a vintage flare, which is great for an anniversary.  Also, our Unlimited Coloring technology offers a lot of versatility without set up costs.   One of the most popular ways to obtain a unique badge, within a tight budget, is with a custom applied seal.

  • Best of all, if you order a custom seal with an initial purchase of 25 or more badges and the seal die charge is waived.

Mid-Tier Semi-Custom

A semi-custom badge is great for a cost conscious department.  Specifically, it is an oval badge that is built from existing dies.  Also, it includes one applied custom panel built to your specifications.  The panel can depict a building, landmark, memorial, etc.

  • In addition if you order 50 or more badges we waive the die charge.  This applies to our “building badges” only

Elite Custom Badge

A truly unique custom badge design.  We transform your idea into a beautiful handcrafted badge.  Meticulously capturing every subtle detail of your design in the finest of metals.

  • Our artist works with you free of charge.  Above all, we strive to ensure your badge not only meets your needs, but has an economically feasible design.  Resulting in keeping tool and die charges within your budget.

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