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Fire and police medals

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Hand-Crafted Police, Firefighter, and Sheriff Medals

Our Fire, Sheriff, Military, and Police Medals of Valor, Heroism, and achievement are each hand-crafted out of the finest metals and finishes.  Most of our fire and police medals can be personalized with a lettered panel. Below is a listing of available titles and the panel style number.  If you don’t see the title you are looking for contact our sales team and inquire about a custom panel.

Like our badges our medals can be personalized with a center seal.  And all medals are available with a ribbon that can either be pinned to your uniform or worn around your neck. With close to 50 ribbon colors your sure to find what you are looking for.  Each Blackinton medal is presented in a rich, dark blue velour case at no additional charge.  The ribbon, custom seal, and blue velour case are all included in the price of our medals.

Compliment your medal with a matching commendation bar, which can be ordered separately.  Typically the commendation bar matches the color of your medals ribbon.  Certainly you can get a matching ribbon bar.  Additionally, we have identified metal enamel bars that match our ribbons, so you have a choice between enamel and ribbon.

The image below shows all the options that go into creating your custom medal.  To see our full line of Fire and Police Medals please click here.

Police Medals

Standard Panels / Title For Blackinton Medals

​Title ​Style Number ​Title ​Style Number
​Academic Excellence ​A6823BN ​Medal of Commendation ​A6823BF
Armed Forces Service​ ​A6823AY ​Medal of Courage ​A6823BS
​Award of Excellence ​A6823AW ​Medal of Heroism ​A7319
​Award of Merit ​A6823SS ​Medal of Honor ​A7125
​Blue Badge ​A6823BP ​Medal of Merit ​A7124
​Blue Knight ​A6823 ​Medal of Valor ​A6823U
​Blue Shield ​A6823BC ​Member of the Year ​A6823QQ
​Blue Star ​A6823J ​Meritorious Achievement ​A6823AZ
​Bronze Star ​A7006A ​Meritorious Conduct ​A6823AM
​Chief's Award ​A6823AG Meritorious Police Duty (Block) ​A6823AT
​Chief's Citation ​A6823BR ​Meritorious Service ​A6823V
​Chief's Medal ​A6823KK ​National Media Award ​A6823E
​Citizen Medal of Valor (Block) ​A6823AC ​Officer of the Year ​A6823EE
​Citizen Service Medal ​A6823K ​Official's Medal ​A6823BA
​Civilian Employee of the Year ​A6823BI ​Outstanding Performance ​A6823BT
​Civilian Supervisor ​A6823LL ​Paramedic of the Year ​A6823AU
​Colonel's Award ​A6823AV ​Physical Fitness ​A6823BV
​Combat Cross ​A7143 ​Police Achievement ​A6823AE
​Commendation ​A6823HH ​Police Cross ​A6823W
​Community Service ​A6823D ​Police Medal ​A6823X
​Dispatcher of the Year ​A6823AB ​Police Memorial Award ​A6823AK
​Distinguished Service (no stars) ​A6823L ​Police Service ​A6823BQ
​Distinguished Service (w/stars) ​A6823M ​Police Service Medal (w/stars) ​A6823BY
​EMT of the Year ​A6823PP ​Police Shield ​A6823BE
​Employee of the Year ​A6823AR ​Police Star ​A6823Y
​Exceptional Duty ​A6823AF ​Posthumous ​A6823ZZ
Exceptional Service​ ​A6823N ​Preservation of Life ​A6823AX
FF/EMT of the Year​ ​A6823RR ​Public Safety Cross ​A6823JJ
​Fire Medal ​A6823TT ​Public Service ​A6823XX
​Firefighter Medal ​A6823UU ​Public Service Star ​A6823YY
​Firefighter of the Year ​A6823NN ​Purple Heart ​A6823Z
​First Class ​A6823P ​Purple Star ​A6823AQ
​Good Conduct ​A6823VV ​Reserve Office of the Year ​A6823BH
​Heritage Preservation ​A6823G ​Rookie of the Year ​A6823AJ
Honor Guard ​A6823BM ​School Crossing Guard of the Year ​A6823BG
​Honorable Service ​A6823H ​Sheriff's Medal ​A6823AH
​Humanitarian ​A6823B ​Sheriff's Star ​A7248
​Individual Citation ​A6823BK ​Silver Cross ​A6823AA
Inducted​ ​A6823FF ​Silver Star ​A7006
​Inductee ​A6823A ​Sportsman of the Year ​A6823F
Injury Award​ ​A6823Q ​Superintendent's Award ​A6823BB
​Legion of Honor (Block) ​A6823AD ​Sworn Supervisor ​A6823MM
​Life Saving (no stars) ​A6823S ​Unit Citation ​A6823GG
​Life Saving (w/stars) ​A6823R ​Volunteer of the Year ​A6823BD
​Man of the Year ​A6823C ​Youth Medal of Merit ​A6823CC
​Master Equestrian ​A6823BL ​Youth Service Award ​A6823DD
​Medal for Bravery ​A6823T