QuickShip Badges

QuickShip Badge

QuickShip Badges Ship In 5 Business Days..... Or They Are FREE!

What are QuickShip Badges?  Twenty one of our top selling badges that ship in 5 business days of order receipt at Blackinton.  As opposed to the standard 3 weeks.  Even better, if the badge does not ship within 5 business days it is FREE!  It’s the first program of its kind in the industry.

Cost Effective, Quality Badge In 5 Days

In response to market demand we created this aggressive program.  How do we meet the guarantee?  First, we dedicate a portion of our manufacturing floor to the program.  Then we assign personnel who only work on QuickShip Badges.  Above all, the QuickShip cell does not cut corners.  Instead it offers a cost effective way to make a quality badge. In a shorter amount of time.

As a result some badge options are limited due to the aggressive 5 day guarantee.  Although options are limited QuickShip badges are available with additional options outside of this program. Below are the QuickShip program details.

QuickShip Badge Specifications

    • Order size is limited to 50 pieces or less
    • Dealers must place the order on our online ordering system
    • 21 badge styles are available CLICK HERE
    • Applied panels are not available
    • QuickShip badges are available in only the following finishes: Nickel, Gold Plate, Rhodium
    • You can purchase with the following attachments: None, Safety Catch, Wallet Clip, Screw Back
    • Lettering is either Roman or Block
    • Available in regular enamel only: Blue, Red, Black, Green, Brown
    • Orders can’t be combined as ship complete. QuickShip badges ship when ready, so we can meet the 5 business day shipping.
    • Only in-stock seals are available
      • Fire and law enforcement seals
      • Full color regular enamel state seals
      • Black or blue regular enamel rimed state seals
      • All fire-rank insignia (1-5 horns) and fire scrambles in red or blue regular enamel or plain

QuickShip badges are available through dealers using the Blackinton online ordering system. Click here to find a dealer in your area.