QuickShip Badges

QuickShip Badges

QuickShip Badges Ship Within 5 Days ... Or They Are FREE!

In response to market demand Blackinton® has created an aggressive program, QuickShip, in which 19 of our top selling police, fire, and sheriff badges are available to ship from the factory within *5 business days of receiving an order at the Blackinton Factory – or the badge is free! This is unheard of in the industry. A typical badge ships within 3-4 weeks of placing an order. ​

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You may wonder, how we can meet this aggressive guarantee?  We have dedicated a portion of our manufacturing floor to this program, and have dedicated personnel who only work on QuickShip Badges.  This QuickShip cell does not cut corners; instead it offers a progressive cost effective way to manufacture a quality badge in a shorter amount of time.

To meet this aggressive guarantee we have had to limit some of the options available.  Although we have limited the finishes and options for QuickShip badges all of our badge styles are available in the finish of your choice, they just would fall out of our QuickShip program.  Read below to understand what options are available under the QuickShip program. Click here to view the 19 badge styles.

*QuickShip Program Specifications

  • ​Order size must be 50 pieces or less.
  • Your dealer must place the order via our online ordering system (Wizard).
  • There are currently 19 badge styles included in the QuickShip program:
    B30, B38, B39, B96, B296, B297, B448,  B484, B500, B501B538, B539, B891, B953, B956, B957, B1009, Our Newest B1009-EO​B3320.
  • Applied panels are not available as part of this program.
  • QuickShip badges are available in only the following finishes.
    Nickel, Gold Plate, Rhodium
  • You can purchase a quick ship badge with the following attachments​.
    None, Safety Catch, Wallet Clip, Screw Back
  • Lettering is available in either Roman or Block.
  • QuickShip badges are only available in regular enamel in the following colors.
    Blue, red, black, green, or brown
  • The seals available for QuickShip badges are limited to our in-stock seals.
    Fire and law enforcement seals
    Full color regular enamel state seals
    Black or Blue (SecureShift state seals are not included) regular enamel rimed state seals
    All fire-rank insignia (1-5 horns); red or blue regular enamel background or plain.
    Fire scrambles in red or blue regular enamel background or plain
  • Under the QuickShip program orders can’t be combined with other orders as ship complete.  QuickShip Badges ship when they are ready, so we can meet the 5 business day shipment.

The QuickShip program is available through participating dealers using the Blackinton® online ordering system, click here to find a dealer in your area or visit our online badge builder, Design-a-Badge, and start creating your badge today.