Badge Modifications

Badge Modification

Modifications: Changing a Seal to Changing a Badges Finish

Modifying your Badge:

Occasionally our customers express a need to modify their badge i.e.; change the seal, add a panel, or perhaps change the badge finish.  Because we understand the meaning your badge holds we do our best to accommodate you.  We’ve tried to keep our prices competitive; but due to the intricate make up of a badge and the reverse manufacturing that goes into modifying a finished badge, in some instances, you may find it much more economical to purchase a new badge.  To process a badge modification you must go through one of our dealers, to find a dealer in your area visit our dealer locator.


All modifications are done at the owner’s risk. All requests for modifications are subject to inspection and acceptance at the factory. We reserve the right to refuse your badge modification if we feel the badge will not be restored to suitable condition for reuse. We will only modify a badge manufactured by Blackinton.


We can only change lettering color when regular enamel is used, all other enamel types cannot be changed.

The following cannot be performed:

  • Change or add lettering on a badge.
  • Change applied figures at bottom or center of badge (i.e.; B615,B617,B315, B589 etc)
  • Change a shell back badge to a solid badge or vice versa
  • Change shape or dap of badge
  • Change a panel on a badge – this is new as of 1/1/13 – we no longer will change a panel on a badge due to the destructive nature of the process
  • Change letters or remove periods on cut out letters
  • Change regular enamel to hard enamel
  • Change a plated badge to a Hi-Glo®, Rho-Glo®, Gol-Tone®, or Sil-Tone® finish
  • Change or repair badge cases
  • Make modifications to a badge manufactured by someone other than Blackinton®

The cost to perform badge modifications:

(Dealers may add additional handling charges to the below costs) 

  • Change a seal $32.00
  • Add a panel $32.00
  • Change finish $32.00
    Limited to Nickel, Rhodium, Gold Plate
    We cannot change finish on two-tone, tri-tone badges
  • Change attachment $32.00
  • Change color $1​2.00
    REGULAR enamel only, we can’t change HARD enamel

*Refinishing is included with all services above EXCEPT changing a color.

Badge Modification Service.pdf download our badge modification form, this should be filled out and returned with your product. We DO NOT provide prepaid shipping for badge modifications.

Scrapping obsolete badges:

On occasion we have been asked by agencies if we could destroy their older badges to ensure they are out of circulation.  We will accept and scrap an agencies badges ONLY if they are Blackinton Manufactured product.  ​