Blackinton Commendation Bars

Blackinton Commendation Bars

Besides having hundreds of styles and sizes to choose from, our Commendation Bar Holders align, organize, and help you easily display your medals!

And guess what?  Less holes in your shirts!  The above holder has only three nails!

How Do You Start A Commendation Bar Program?

We are often asked by police and fire departments how do I start a Commendation Bar Program?   Outside of the Military there really are no guidelines or standards for starting a commendation bar program.  Some municipalities have their own standards but they differ from community to community.

What steps should you take to start a program?

Step 1

View our predefined stock commendation bar programs and see if any of these meet your needs

Step 2

Think long term, our slide bar holders are ideal for implementing programs as they neatly and easily display commendation bars on your uniform, and the bars are interchangeable!   Slide holders are available in two different widths; 3/8″ and 5/16″ so if you would like to implement slide bar holders be sure you go with commendation bars that are either 3/8″ or 5/16″ wide.

Step 3

View our vast array of enamel commendation bar offerings – search by size, sections, meaning, industry etc.  Identify the bars you would like (remember commendation bars come in the standard enamel color of your choice)

Step 4

If you still have not found what you are looking for consider a custom commendation bar(s).  We offer two options – custom engraved bars or custom die struck bars.  The 2013 Boston Marathon commendation bar, to the left, is an example of a custom die struck bar, created exclusively for Star Packer,

Below we have outlined our offerings from our basic prepackaged programs to custom commendation bars. 

Slide Bar Holders

Blackinton commendation bar slide holders have revolutionized the way commendation bars are displayed on uniforms.  No more crooked, misaligned commendation bars with multiple clutch back attachments.  Holders make organizing and displaying commendation bars easy.  The holders can hold one, two or three bars OR you can solder the holders together to hold up to 15 bars.  They are available in two different widths: 3/8″ and 5/16″ and Gol-Tone or Rhodium finishes.

Pre-Defined Commendation Bar Programs

We have created affordable programs that can be easily implemented.  Each program contains 8 – 9, 1 3/8” x 3/8” bars available in either Gol-Tone® or Rhodium, in the colors shown, with a slide bar holder attachment.

Enamel Commendation Bars

We have over 700 hand-crafted enamel commendation bars to choose from.   Our bars range in size from 5/8″ x 1/8″ all the way up to 1 11/16″ x 9/16″.  The bars can be enameled in any of our standard enamel colors.  Commendation bars can be ordered as single piece orders or hundreds of pieces on one order.  We have two standard attachments for our commendation bars either a slide bar holder or clutch back.  Click here to view our vast collection of commendation bars.

Engraved Enamel Commendation Bars

Our custom engraved commendation bars offer departments an economical way to recognize officers and firefighters.  For smaller departments (and small orders) this is a great way to purchase a truly unique bar without the added expense of a die.  The bars can be enameled in any of our standard enamel colors.  We will custom engrave your enamel commendation bar with the text and numbers of your choice, we also have some standard engraveable images you can have engraved on your bar.  There is a small engraving fee per bar, please see one of our dealers for details.

Please note our engraved commendation bars are offered with standard four week shipping.

An exciting new option that really makes our commendation bars stand out is our ability to now put any of our standard colors in the symbol or text.  We do not charge extra for this option aside from the typical engraving fee per bar.  There are no minimum quantities and no die charges, the same engraving fee applies for this option.  Best of all, the bars are manufactured with the same Blackinton® quality that departments have come to expect.

Custom Die Struck Bars

The sky is the limit with our custom die struck commendation bars.  We recommend a custom die struck bar if you are planning on purchasing a large quantity of the same bar or ordering additional pieces over and over in the future.  A custom Blackinton die struck bar is made with the same precision and care as our badges. Our artists will work with you during the design phase free of charge.  Die costs for commendation bars vary, but are approximately $150.  Let your imagination guide you.  Contact one of our authorized dealers to get started today.