Shipping Policies

Shipping Polices

Last Update 11/16/22


If an order is damaged upon delivery, we will assist you with repair or replacement. Please be advised that once your package leaves the Blackinton facility, we are no longer responsible for shipping delays, service disruptions, or weather delays.

If there is proof of delivery, to the supplied address, we will not accept requests for no-charge remakes. Please contact the carrier of record to register any complaints or grievances.

If an item is shipped on your account, we will be unable to assist you with any delivery disputes or charges. You should contact the carrier who handles your account directly.

If an order shipped on our account is lost in transit, or listed as undeliverable, we are happy to assist you in filing a claim via any of the carriers we use.


Outlined in the table below are our standard shipping times for badge orders based on order receipt at Blackinton.  These should give you a general idea as to how long it will take for your badge to ship.

A hard enamel badge takes 5 days longer to manufacture than regular enamel, because there are 17 additional manufacturing steps involved when using hard enamel.

Custom Badge Shipments must also take into account the time to create dies and tools. Below is a breakdown of the additional time added to your shipments for custom products.

  • Basic seal dies add 3 weeks to badge shipment
  • Basic reverse enamel panel dies add 2 weeks to badge shipment (provided it is in an existing reverse enamel series)
  • Incised lettering panels add 3 weeks
  • Normal basic badge dies add 5 weeks to badge shipment
  • Advanced intricate badge dies add 6 weeks to badge shipment
  • Trim, blanking add approximately 1-2 weeks onto badge shipment, if piercing tool is included its 2-3 weeks

Standard Badge Shipping Times

​QuickShip 5 days or less
Standard FlexBadge 6-8 weeks
Standard Styles​ (for tri-tone add one week)

​Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

​6-8 weeks

8 weeks

​Custom with Tooling, less than 200 pieces ​
* Please see above.  Based on the type of die additional time is added to the shipping times below.

​Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

​*6 weeks or less

*8 weeks or less

​200-600 Pieces (for ​tri-tone add one week)

Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel​

​6 weeks or less

8 weeks or less

​601-1000 Pieces ​(for tri-tone add one week)

Regular Enamel

Hard Enamel

7 weeks or less
​9 weeks or less
> 1000 Pieces​ ​Dates are negotiated