Badge Attachments


Badge Attachments

Wear your Badge with Pride

A badge attachment is the piece of hardware on the back side of a badge that allows you to display your badge. Below is a picture of each attachment Blackinton offers along with a short write-up describing what each attachment is used for.

The below are our most popular standard attachments​ ​

Pin & Safety Catch is the most common attachment, and is typically used if you will be wearing your badge on a shirt or jacket.

Wallet Clip looks like a money clip and is a great choice if your badge will be used exclusively in leather; i.e., wallet.  We recommend wallet badges all be flat.

Screw Back is generally used for hats and caps, although we have worked with departments who have created custom uniforms that are made to accept a Screw Back badge. The screw back traditionally is available with one post with a narrow screw nut that tightens


No Attachment is usually selected for badges glued in leather, and for mounting on shadow boxes and plaques.

Other less popular attachments include the following​ ​


Lug is often used on kilts or thick outerwear.  The lug is like a large safety pin that is threaded through two posts on the back of the badge.

Clutch Back is one of our standard attachments for our insignia product line.  It is less popular for badges.  A clutch back has one or more nails soldered onto the back of the product with a butterfly clutch placed over the nail to secure the product in place.

Plastic Pocket Clip is when a badge is adhered to a clear acrylic pocket clip.  The pocket clip is great for interchanging between uniforms, apparel, etc.. The pocket clip fits into most shirt breast pockets.  There is a small add-on charge for this attachment.

Ring Screw is popular with our mini-badges and charms.  A ring screw turns your badge into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Car Plate allows you to display your badge on your car's license plate.  There is a small add-on charge for this attachment.


Money Clip a flat badge can be adhered to one of our money clips.  There is a small add-on charge for this attachment.


Hook and Dog Tag is used primarily for police K9 dogs - this attachment allows a badge to be placed on the dogs collar.  There is a small add-on charge for this attachment.