Blackinton History


Manufacturing Excellence Since 1852

Blackinton® has always been part of the local community.  We opened our doors in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts in 1852 under the leadership of Virgil Blackinton.   Versatility, creativity, and a local commitment to fine craftsmanship are the values upon which Blackinton has successfully sustained its manufacturing excellence.

In 1852, Working in Jet, a gleaming black glass, Virgil Blackinton’s creations received immediate acclaim in the world of fashion. Blackinton’s first products were ladies’ buckles, men’s cuff links, and hair adornments.

Blackinton Civil War Military Insignia

The Blackinton forte, artistry in metal began during the Civil War.   In particular Blackinton was commissioned to produce military insignia.  As a result, its products earned Blackinton a reputation which spread across the nation.

When the war ended the shield, a symbol of protection from the days of “knights in armor,” became popular. For this reason Blackinton began creating badges and insignia for police and fire departments.  Similarly Fraternal and secret societies sought to have Blackinton craft their identifying symbols out of the finest metals. In addition, Blackinton’s skill in metalworking had the company sought after for the manufacture of hand forged swords.  Subsequently Blackinton’s swords competed side by side with the famous German makers.  By the turn of the century, Blackinton’s vast array of products could be found on display in almost every lodge room or parade throughout America.

The Past Helps To Build The Future

Blackinton is a forward thinking family owned business we still remain loyal to our roots working out of a 60,000 sq ft secure facility in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts.  As a result all stages of manufacturing are handled under one roof in the United States.

Looking forward to the future, a number of things are certain.  First, our focus is on meeting and exceeding the needs of the public safety professionals we so proudly serve.  Secondly, integrating and adopting new technologies will remain a dominant factor in shaping the future of Blackinton.  Third, quality is a timeless trait and it has kept Blackinton at the forefront of its industry. Thus, quality will never be sacrificed.  Our employees are designers, die and tool makers, machinist, engineers, sales, and customer support personnel.   All with the same purpose of working together to achieve excellence, so we can provide you with a piece of art that you are proud to pin on.