SecureShift Color Shifting


SecureShift Color Shifting Enamel

Verify Badge Authenticity With Just A Glance

SecureShift® is an economical way to visually verify if a badge is authentic.  Accomplished by embedding microflakes into the color region of a badge. In other words, in the enamel of the badge.   As a result the color shifts when the badge is slightly turned. For example the enamel shifts from blue to purple, or green to purple when the badge is turned.  This color-shifting effect is clearly seen by the naked eye.

Key Features

      • By turning a SecureShift badge the enamel color changes, resulting in visual verification that the badge is authentic
      • The only badge manufacturer in the world licensed to use SecureShift technology is Blackinton
      • Because the Microflakes are applied in the enamel it is a permanent solution
      • All you need are your eyes, so the solution works for both the public and officials
      • SecureShift is used in 80% of the world’s currency
      • Since most badges have enamel SecureShift is an economical, easy anti-counterfeiting solution
      • There are four enamel shifting colors: Blue to violet, black to moss green, green to purple, and copper to burnt gold

SecureShift® is a registered trademark of JDS Uniphase Corporation