Standard FlexBadge

Standard 3d metallic emblem flexbadge

3D Metallic FlexBadge Emblem With No Minimums

FlexBadge is a 3D metallic emblem, that far surpasses the quality and detail of emboidery.   A Standard FlexBadge is available with no minimums.  So you can order one or a thousand FlexBadges.  Our most popular metal badge styles are available as part of our “Standard FlexBadge” offering.  Because, the offering is standard there are no set up fees.

We currently have over 100 standard FlexBadge styles.  However, we continue to add to our standard offering as we receive requests for catalog metal badges, so the offering continues to expand.  A standard 3D metallic FlexBadge, like a metal badge, can be personalized with the lettering, finish, seal, and backing of your choice.  Under our standard offering we also have two name bars, Flags, and collar insignia.  Thus, as part of the standard offering there are no minimums for these products.

Standard Offering Details

  • No minimum order quantity, so you can order 1 or 1,000
  • Personalize with the lettering (plain lettering is not available), seal, finish, and backing of your choice
  • 3 week lead time
  • Compared to the one dimension of embroidery FlexBadge is authentic looking, because it is a 3D metallic emblem
  • Like a metal badge we offer both metallic and subdued (matte) finishes, see below
  • Outside of FlexBadges we also offer Flex Flags, Name Bars, and Round Collar Insignia as part of our standard offering

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