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Learn more about how a Blackinton Badge is made, how Blackinton tapped into the international Market, or learn about Blackinton’s newest product offerings…. watch one of our informative videos below.

Watch The President Of Colombia's badge be made!

5:01 How many hands touch your badge as it travels through the factory?  Approximately 40!  Watch this video to get an appreciation for what hand-made in the USA by Blackinton means.  This video follows the President of Colombia’s badge through the factory from stock room to completion.


Follow This Custom Final Four Seal Through Production

4:08 Watch to get an appreciation for what hand-made in the USA by Blackinton means.  The video follows this custom seal as it travels through the factory from conception to completion.

Made In Massachusetts... Blackinton Badges

1:47 Watch and learn about Blackinton’s unique, quality public safety badges and insignia.  This video features Blackinton as a unique Massachusetts based manufacturer.

Blackinton Receives International Trade Award

2:07 Watch this video and learn why Blackinton received the AIM International Trade Award which recognizes excellence among Massachusetts businesses engaged in international trade.

How A Blackinton Badge Is Made

3.47 One of our older videos, but it is very informative.  Watch how a badge is made.  Some processes have changed; i.e. the use of CNC machines, but others remain the same as each badge is still individually hand-made.

How Blackinton Is Working To Keep The Environment Clean

1:00 Watch this video and see how U.S. Manufacturer V.H. Blackinton is working to keep America and the environment clean and healthy.