Recognition Series

Develop A Recognition Program To Reward Exemplary Service And Boost Morale

Blackinton® can assist you in acknowledging acts of bravery, valor, honor, compassion, integrity and the devotion of the special people who have put their lives on the line to protect us.  Blackinton® works hard to produce medals, commendation bars, and awards worthy of these great individuals.

The Blackinton® recognition series includes many medals and awards to help inspire on-going excellence as well as medals and commendation bars to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Introducing Blackinton Crystals... A Perfect Way To Say Thank You!

Hand-Crafted Recognition Products

Understanding The Beauty Of Lucite

​Everyone loves to see items floating in a Lucite embedment.  The acrylic sparkles, it’s translucent, and shows off any product in the best possible light.

You would think something so simple and elegant is easy to produce.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The process is complex, time-consuming, and not without its perils.  Because the process has so many hand operations, no two Lucites are identical, even if identical objects are being embedded.  Light variations, or imperfections, may occur.  Here is why:

The acrylic mixture is hand poured into a mold and allowed to partially cure.  The object is placed into the mixture by hand.  Of course, this means the exact location of the object can vary slightly from piece to piece.  Sometimes a chemical reaction between the item being embedded and the acrylic itself can create variations in the surrounding material and to the embedded item.  Heat and pressure are applied in an atmospheric oven for 24 hours to eliminate as many air bubbles and imperfections as possible and to complete the curing process.

All acrylic parts are actually made oversize to allow for shrinkage.  This requires multiple hand sandings, starting with a coarse grit and ending with a super fine one.  Hand polishing follows to bring out the natural luster and high gloss.  The result, like a diamond, is breathtaking, but it’s never absolutely “perfect”.  That’s the nature of the process.

We do caution that, although we take every precaution when creating a Lucite embedment, there are occasions when the item being embedded gets damaged.  Because there is a slight possibility your item could be damaged we caution that you only embed items that you could live without.  We will not embed a badge manufactured by another vendor, because we do not know what chemicals, finishes, etc, are used and an adverse chemical reaction could occur and damage your badge.