International Badges
International Badge

Why Blackinton For Your International Badge and Insignia Needs?

Blackinton’s international badge and insignia offering far exceeds its rivals.  First, the making, sale, and issuance is controlled.   In fact, the US Secret Service inspected and approved us as a secure factory.   Next, since 1852 we have made metal badges and insignia, so you can depend upon us for quality detailed international badges.  Also, we are the only company in the world selling badge security solutions.  Since, many countries have problems with corruption in their community and agency security is sought after.  Of course badges are worn by officers, so it only makes sense that badge security solutions are a logical easy way to solve problems.

At the same time we continue to expand our presence by building partnerships.  In particular, we work with dealers who have a history in the countries, and of course are of good standing.    As a testament to our excellence in International trade Blackinton received the Diplomat’s Award from AIM’s (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) International Business Council.

High Security Badge Technologies

Mexico and Colombia have the largest Security Badge programs.  In fact, the Colombia National Police has over 100,000 SmartShield badges deployed.  Likewise, Mexico is a leader with SmartShield.   Since 2010, seven Mexico police forces have adopted SmartShield.  To see our case studies CLICK HERE.

The goal is to partner and grow our reach around the world.  Therefore, we continue to listen to our customers and add features to our solutions.  In the long run we hope to be the solution for police forces around the world.

Below Are Some Of Our International Badges