Estado de Mexico Secretaria de Seguridad Ciudadana

Over 15,000 SmartShield® RFID Security Badges Deployed


In Mexico organized crime has become increasingly bold in attempts to infiltrate police and terrorize the citizenry.  The largest state police force in Mexico, Estado de Mexico SSC (Secretaria de Seguridad Ciudadana), has faced corruption, police impersonation, and threats to the safety of the citizens.


Aware of the success of the 2010 Mexico Policia Federal implementation of Blackinton’s SmartShield® RFID badge the Governor of Estado de Mexico and the Secretary of SSC selected PROTACTIC secure Uniforms and Blackinton® SmartShield® badge for a complete, secure uniform solution.



​The Governor commissioned a uniform and badge security system that offers both visual validation and smart validation of an officer’s identity using embedded tamper-proof technologies.


  • Since 2012, all 15,000 officers have been provisioned with SmartShield®  RFID enabled security badges and Protactic uniforms.
  • A tamper-proof SmartShield® RFID chip is embedded in the back of the badge allowing tracking and tracing the history of the badge.
    • Identity authentication and inventory control; scan to identify officer and equipment (weapon, uniform, vehicle) assigned to an officer.
    • Allow access into a building.
  • Unique QR Code woven into each uniform.
    • The public can scan with smart phone to identify an officer.
    • Authorized personnel can scan to access officer’s private data through password protected encoded IP address.
  • Secure optical code hidden within uniform’s fabric can only be read with Protactic reader.
    • Code is specifically designed for the department to see issuance history, rank, department, etc.  Flexible database for customization.
  • Electronic issuance table reads RFID enabled badge and has fingerprint and uniform validation to tie uniform and badge to the officer.
  • In 2010 the first SmartShield®  badges were sold to Policia Federal in Mexico.  Since 2010, seven state and municipal police forces in Mexico have adopted Blackinton® SmartShield® badges.
    • Veracruz, Baja Norte, Mexico City PGR, Sonora, Puebla, Merida, and Hermosillo.