Technology Badge Literature

Technology Badge Literature

SmartShield Technology

A four page flyer that details the core capabilities of Blackinton’s high security badge solutions, specifically SmartShield RFID enabled badges.

SecureShift® Flyer

A one page flyer that explains what SecureShift® color shifting enamel is and how Blackinton has teamed with JDS Uniphase Corporation to bring this revolutionary technology to the Public Safety Market.

UVShift® Flyer

A two page flyer that discusses one of our newest badge security solutions. On the back of our badge a code (of your choice) is embedded in the badge which can only be activated by a UV light.

Fire Arms & Building Access Control

A 2 page flyer detailing how SmartShield technology can help your department with Fire Arms and Building Access Control.

Time & Attendance and Field Validation

A 46 page booklet that shows Blackinton’s standard product offerings for firefighters. Within the pages you will find Badges, Collar & Rank Insignia, Name Bars, Commendation Bars, Medals & Awards, Wallets, and General Information.