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Breast Cancer Badges

Please note our the deadline to order a solid pink badge for October is August 15th.  Our two-tone pink badges currently have a 8 week production lead-time.

Bringing Awareness To The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Pink Breast Cancer Badges And Insignia

A Breast Cancer Badge is a great way to bring awareness, and support to those effected with the disease.   Although October is Breast Cancer Awareness month there are other times throughout the year to show support.  For instance, wearing a breast cancer badge during walks, events, or as a show of support to a loved one.

The Breast Cancer Badge program came about due to police and fire departments looking for a way to show support.  Thus, our badge makers developed, the first of its kind, durable vibrant pink finish.  At the same time our artists were busy designing the seals, and insignia line.  If the pink finish is too bold for you, consider pink panels or pink lettering on your badge.  We can finish most of our badges in a pink finish!

During this time we were also looking for charity(s) to team up with and donate too.  We found two great charities, and are thankful that since the start of the program, in 2012, 5% of sales is annually donated to both.

The charities we work with are listed below.

  1. The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation is local to our area.  Their mission is to nurture life before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis.  Namely they provide wellness resources and support.
  2. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provides help nationwide to all fire service members and their families in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Badge Details:

    • Badges are only available with regular enamel, thus we can not use hard enamel with a pink finish
    • The standard full color or rim seal is Rhodium
    • The standard plain seal is pink like the finish
    • If a pink badge is too strong for your liking, consider a badge in a standard finish with an applied breast cancer awareness seal, or perhaps pink lettering.

We take pride in being the first badge manufacturer to bring breast cancer badge and insignia products to the industry.  Because of the interest in this product line, police and fire are looking for additional ways to show support for their causes.  So, we developed green, violet, and blue finishes for St. Patrick’s Day, Domestic Violence, and Autism Awareness.

Since launching the program, in 2012, $34,000.00 has been donated to charity, thus we thank you for your support!

Below are some of the officers who have joined Blackinton in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

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Breast Cancer Badge