SmartShield RFID Badge

SmartShield RFID Badge

SmartShield RFID Enabled Badge, Blackinton *Patented Technology

A Blackinton SmartShield badge offers a revolutionary way to protect your department as well as your community.  This “smart” technology is driven by a rugged, tamper-proof RFID transponder chip which is embedded into the back of your Blackinton badge transforming your ordinary shield into a SmartShield.

The SmartShield badge acts as a portal to officer’s information.  By simply scanning a SmartShield badge with a WinEID™ software enabled RFID reader you can access your existing officer databases and see a comprehensive view of officer information.  You can instantly see who the badge is issued to, verify identity and credentials, and make intelligent decisions based on real-time information.  SmartShield is helping departments manage inventory control, building access, field validation, and identity authentication.  See how Colombia (since 2009, over 100,000 SmartShield badges deployed) and Mexico (over 15,000 Smartshield badges deployed) have applied our SmartShield technology to protect their officers and citizens.

SECURITY built into the badge.
SINGULAR VIEW into an officer's information.
SCALABLE user configurable system; you determine the information you want to see. 
FLEXIBLE robust software with the ability to link to any database.​
VALIDATE the officer and the badge from anywhere.
CONTROL building access, badge inventory, officer information, mobile deployment.
​Field Tested And Proven Technologies

*SmartShield patented process and parts, US752205682 badge verification device.

  • Configurable WinEID Software
  • Inventory Control
  • Officer Information Portal
  • Building Entry Validation
  • Identity Authentication