Colombia National Police

Over 100,000 SmartShield & SecureShift Badges have been Deployed in Colombia


​The official law enforcement entity in Colombia is the Policia Nacional.  Their official function is to protect the Colombian nation and enforce the law by constitutional mandate, maintain and guarantee the necessary conditions for public freedoms and rights, and to ensure peaceful cohabitation among the population.


Over time the effectiveness of the police and the trust of the citizenry has been compromised due to instances of police impersonation and corruption.


​A Blackinton police badge security solution that offers both visual validation and smart validation verifying an officer’s identity.

  • ​Since 2009, over 100,000 SmartShield RFID enabled security badges have been deployed in Colombia.
  • A tamper-proof SmartShield® RFID tag is embedded into the badge allowing for electronic record keeping using Blackinton’s WinEID (Windows Enforcement Identification) software.
    • Policia Nacional has an electronic history of each badge including assignments to specific officers.
  • The SmartShield® badge offers identity authentication of officers.
    • At the entrance of the Policia Nacional Headquarters the badge is scanned presenting the photo and credentials of the officer on a large TV screen.
    • At Colombian government medical facilities the officer’s badge is scanned to validate the officer and access medical records.
  • The badge incorporates SecureShift®  color shifting enamel.
    • Enamel shifts from green to purple when slightly tilted.
    • The government conducted a public relations campaign to inform citizens about the SecureShift® badge and how to recognize an authentic badge from a counterfeit.
  • The success of the SmartShield® badge with Policia Nacional prompted a second project in 2012 to outfit UNP (Unidad Nacional de Proteccion) the Colombian “secret service”.
    • The badge is being used for identity authentication, allowing the UNP to better protect and guard Government buildings.