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Number One Choice By Law Enforcement, Fire, Government, Military, EMT, Security, Corrections

Fire and Law enforcement badges and insignia are the heart of what we do.  Since, the civil war Blackinton has been serving all levels of law and fire.  Law enforcement is a broad category that spans many agencies.  Below is a snapshot of the agencies we serve.

Law Enforcement Agencies We Work With

  • Police
  • Sheriff’s
  • The Government
  • Security Officers
  • Hospital and University Police Departments
  • The Military
  • Corrections

And of course, we have created countless fire badges and insignias over the years.

Pride And Commitment To Serve

You put your life on the line every day to keep us safe.  To begin with you run towards danger while we run away.  Hence, the law enforcement badge or fire badge you wear transforms you from an average citizen into a figure of authority.

You stand proud behind your badge and its principles.  We stand proud behind our promise to provide you with the highest quality products on the market.  We hope the pride you feel wearing your badge matches the pride everyone at Blackinton feels in making it for you!

Fire And Law Products And Services

      • 1,000’s of standard law enforcement badge and fire badge styles, so finding the perfect one is easy
      • Equally important is Sales and Design work to your budget and needs when designing custom products
      • Largest selection of Uniform Insignia.  Including rank and collar insignia, letter combinations, name, commendation, and marksmanship bars, and medals
      • Like our badges, FlexBadge can be customized or you can choose one of our many standard styles

Custom Products Spanning All Industries