American Made Fire Badges and Uniform Rank Insignia

​​The fire service profession has a wonderful heritage of bravery, loyalty and an honorable devotion to duty. This honored tradition is symbolized in the uniforms, badges, and insignia that fire service professionals proudly wear. The firefighter badge and insignia designs we find universally accepted by the fire service profession like the Maltese cross and classic shield are an example of rich historical symbolism.

At Blackinton we are honored to be the number one choice for fire badges and uniform rank insignia by firefighting professionals everywhere. Blackinton badges and uniform insignia are American made in our factory in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. Our employees put their hearts and soul into each badge and piece of insignia they craft, because we know it will be worn with pride by one of the many heroes who work to keep us out of harm’s way.

We are often asked how many horns represent each rank. Below is the chain of command most departments follow:

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Time Honored Tradition

We want you to stand proud behind your badge and its principles, so we stand proudly behind our commitment to providing you with the most durable, finely detailed quality badge on the market. We hope the pride you feel in wearing your badge matches the pride everyone in our company feels it making it for you!