Military Badges & Insignia

​We have been in business since 1914 and have always used Blackinton for our badge needs.  First and most importantly the sales staff.. timely and professional.  Secondly is customer service, they have always been the friendliest of any vendor I have worked with.  And finally the quality of the products has always been impeccable, I have never had to return an item sold to one of my customers..."

William Plumb
Yearwoods, Inc.
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 Military Badges and Insignia with Quality American Craftsmanship

The Blackinton® forte, artistry in metal, had its beginning with a commission to produce military insignia during the Civil War.  At the time Military regulations required the insignia be large and cumbersome, regulations have changed since the Civil War, but the Blackinton® commitment to serve the military has not.  Our ability to fashion the most intricate of symbols into metal has been the backbone for which our company has been built.   You have served to keep America safe and we are committed to serve you with the same quality American craftsmanship that the company was built on in 1852. 
We have remained loyal to our “roots”.  Our doors opened in 1852 in Attleboro Falls Massachusetts and today we work out of a 60,000 sq ft secure facility in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts where all stages of manufacturing are handled under one roof - here in the U.S.!  We stand proudly behind our commitment to providing you with the most durable, finely detailed quality badges, insignia, and medals on the market.  We hope the pride you feel in wearing your badge, insignia, and medals match the pride everyone in our company feels in making them for you!

 Badges and Insignia