How law enforcement supports a special cause with a custom badge

How law enforcement supports a special cause with a custom badge

In 2012, we joked that we’d soon be offering badge finishes that are similar to a box of Crayola crayons.  Well now we have  black, pink, green, violet and now a blue finish!  Since the writing of this blog post we have also launched our unlimited coloring technology.  A technology that pushes the limits on color!

We all have a special cause that is near and dear to our hearts whether it be a social cause, charitable cause, or a personal cause.   Law enforcement agencies are the same, and today these departments are turning to what is pinned over their hearts to show their support for a special cause, their badge!

In 2012 we launched our Breast Cancer Awareness badge line which features a vibrant pink badge finish.  We were not sure how a bright pink badge finish would do, but it has taken off.  Most everyone knows someone who is fighting, or has fought, a battle with cancer, and each October more and more departments across the country are pinning on their pink custom badge in support of this horrible disease.  This support has helped us raise close to $14,000 for Breast Cancer research and support charities.

So, when the Lawrence Massachusetts police department approached us and said their cause is Autism, and Autism Awareness month is in April – could we make a blue badge?  Our sales manager Andrew jumped on this opportunity and went to work with our engineers to see what we could create.  The result was a beautiful new blue badge finish that will help the department “light it up blue” during April!  We are thankful to Lawrence PD for this great initiative – and allowing us to work with them on this new custom badge finish.  They will be wearing their new blue custom badges during the month of April in support of Autism Awareness month.

The Lawrence police department also be hosting an Autism Awareness Day on April 4, 2017, at 10:00 am at the Police Station (90 Lowell Street).    If you are around stop by and meet the officers.  I hear there will be a pretty cool police car on display as well!  Also, you will learn about their Safe Watch Program (SafeWatch is a feature that proactively catalogues information on individuals who may have disabilities or conditions which would cause them to be at risk for wandering from their safe environment.)

If you have a cause that you are looking to support with a unique custom badge give us a call (800) 699-4436, we’d love to work with you.   For additional information about our custom badge offering click here.  If you’d like to see other Blackinton custom badges that have been designed for special causes click here.

Oh, I mentioned a black and green and violet finish.  Most S.W.A.T. officers are familiar with our black finish as it has been around for some time, but the green?  Green was developed for officers and firefighters who were looking for a way to show pride in their Irish heritage! And violet came about as a way to show support for domestic violence month which also takes place during the month of October.