Why Blackinton is the Largest and Oldest Technology Innovator in Badge Manufacturing

Why Blackinton is the Largest and Oldest Technology Innovator in Badge Manufacturing

V. H. Blackinton & Co., Inc. is a privately held family owned company that has been around since 1852.  Don’t think however, that we are an outdated company.  We are the leaders in bringing the new technologies that are surfacing today in the badge manufacturing market. So, how has the name stamped on the back of your badge remained an industry leader for over 169 years?

At Blackinton, we focus on developing solutions to issues that have arisen in the badge and insignia market. Working with our society’s most dedicated public service members we create solutions for their issues.  Since, the launch of  some of our solutions others have popped up in the market place. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Commendation Bar Slide Holder

Over the years our loyal customers have complained about pinning multiple commendation bars on their uniforms. Oftentimes, pining bars beside each other is challenging.  It is hard to line the bars up evenly, resulting in a messy uniform. Not to mention, the many nails (2/bar) making holes in their uniform.

To solve this issue, Blackinton developed commendation bar holders.  The holders hold anywhere from 1-15 bars, so that they slide in and line up neatly on a uniform. Resulting in less nails poking through the uniform.  A holder with 15 bars has 3 nails compared to 30 nails that 15 individual bars would have. Blackinton was the first manufacturer to create this innovative solution, which has since been copied in the market. Click Here to learn more.

High Security Badges

Corruption and police impersonation are a big problem for customers outside of the United States, specifically in Latin America. Thus, Latin American police agencies are looking for technologies and products to help curve this.  Specifically help the public and agencies identify who is a real police officer, and who isn’t.

All officers wear badges, so Blackinton pursued making a badge that has a tamper proof way to identify people. Resulting in SmartShield, which is a typical metal police badge with an RFID chip embedded in the back of it.  The SmartShield badge acts as a portal to an officer’s information. By scanning the badge with an RFID reader you can access your existing officer database.  Thus, identify the wearer as an officer. For example, a picture, ID number, name, etc of who the badge is issued too pops up!

Adding to the above solution, Blackinton developed a way to visually verify that a badge is authentic.  They did this by including Secureshift® color shifting enamel in the badges.  For example, when you move the badge the enamel shifts from blue to purple.  Blackinton is the first and only badge manufacturer in the world licensed to use SecureShift.  Click here to read about their solutions.

SecureShift® is a registered trademark of JDS Uniphase Corporation


Ever get discouraged and frustrated with how long it takes to receive a custom metal badge? Blackinton understands that the typical 3 week cycle for a custom badge isn’t always acceptable for customers.  Sometimes badges are needed sooner, rather than later.  This is especially true if being used for a ceremony, funeral, or even when a badge is lost and a replacement is needed.

To help its customers Blackinton started a QuickShip program. Under the program its most popular badge styles are offered with limited options.  Resulting in a badges that ship to customers in 5 days.  If Blackinton doesn’t meet the 5 days the badge is free!  To accomplish this Blackinton dedicates a special area in the factory (a cell) to create custom QuickShip badges.  So they are made faster with the same care and quality as a standard badge! Blackinton is the first and only badge manufacturer to create such a program.  Check out the program details here.

Breast Cancer Awareness

As Breast Cancer has become so prominent in society pink has become a symbol of support.  Eventually public safety professionals started wearing pink to show support.  Because Blackinton’s customers desire and search for ways to bring awareness to Breast Cancer, Blackinton did too.  Knowing awareness is one goal, and the other is raising money.

Blackinton was the first badge manufacturer to develop a vibrant pink finish for its badges.  Resulting, in a line of badges and insignia to sell in support of the cause.  In addition, Blackinton donates 10% of the sales from this line to both Gloria Gemma and the Firefighters Cancer Support Network.  Learn more.


The traditional police and fire patch, and direct embroidery, don’t always look as professional as our customers would hope.  Also, there is a lack of detail in embroidery.

Blackinton knew they could come up with a better solution.  They jumped into the patch and embroidery market with the development of FlexBadge.  FlexBadge is a customizable 3D metallic emblem. FlexBadges 3D makeup shows much more detail then thread can.  Also, its metallic finish makes FlexBadge look like a real metal badge. This conveys authority.  FlexBadge is light weight for comfort.  Furthermore the Velcro backing means our Public Safety workers can easily swap them out. Though there are copy cat products, FlexBadge is the best and most authentic looking product on the market!  Learn More

Unlimited Coloring

Adding color to a badge has always been an option. However, traditionally adding color or design to a metal badge has some restrictions. Traditionally the only way to add color is with a finish, or with enamel between the metal walls on a badge.  Likewise, if a customer wants a new design on their existing badge style, a new die needs to be made.  And that can be expensive.

Blackinton’s Unlimited Coloring technology allows customers to add color and/or a design to an existing metal badge without the expense of a new die. We are the first and only company to offer such a service!  Are you curious what Blackinton can do with color? Click Here to see.

Blackinton is certainly here to stay, and continues to thrive as a technological leader and innovator. Thank you to all past and present partners and customers who are the root of our success.  Browse our website and follow us on social media to learn more, and certainly reach out to our sales team for help with your badge and insignia needs.

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