SmartShield Capabilities

SmartShield Capabilities

Configurable WinEID Software

​With SmartShield you decide the level of security and functionality you need. Below is a screen capture of the WinEID SmartShield software. On this screen you can see an officer’s information. As you see below multiple pictures can be uploaded for an officer. You decide what you want to see. In the example below we are showing an employee information tab, a medical tab, a contacts tab. You can have unlimited tabs, which contain an unlimited number of fields.

WinEID is robust software with the ability to link to any database. The possibilities are endless.

Badge Inventory Control

  • ​​​Electronic, secure record of badge issuance and inventory.
  • Scan the badge, instantly see who the badge is issued to, check the badges history, reassign it to inventory, or decommission the badge.
  • Increases productivity, and reduces the threat of forgery.

Identity Authentication

  • ​​​​​Smart validation – scan the badge to see who it is assigned to, view other key personnel data, and easily detect forgery.
  • Increasing security of police facilities and communities.

Officer Information Portal

  • Centralized access point (portal) for officer information/demographics.
  • Flexible, scalable solution – you define the categories and fields to be viewed.
  • Requires connection to existing databases; if data structure does not exist we can help create one.
  • Robust software easily configured to meet your security needs.

Building Entry Validation

  • ​​​​​Scan the badge at the door’s RFID proximity reader, the door unlocks and officer gains access, at the same time the WinEID software presents the officer’s information on your monitor.
  • The badge serves as a substitute for an access card.
  • Blackinton SmartShield badge and WinEID software interfaces with most HID compliant building access control systems.
  • Reliable, consistent badge and officer validation at the door.