Miami-Dade Breast Cancer Awareness badge

One of the first to go pink!

​In 2012 Blackinton introduced its Breast Cancer Awareness badges and insignia.  Our line of pink badges were meant to raise awareness to Breast Cancer and offer support to those fighting the horrible disease.  Back in 2012 Miami-Dade police was the first department to embrace our pink badges.  The department purchased badges back in 2012 and they continue to wear them each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Shortly after Miami-Dade starting wearing their pink badge other departments in the area adopted a similar policy and allowed officers to purchase pink badges.

​Blackinton is so appreciative of all the departments across the country who have embraced our Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Badges and who care to wear pink.  This support has enabled Blackinton to donate over $11,000 to charity since 2012 and by the end of 2016 we are sure this will continue to grow!

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