Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Police and Fire Badges and Insignia

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The initial Breast Cancer Awareness program we launched included custom pins, commendation bars, and seven of our top selling badge styles in a vibrant pink finish (B296-PI,B38-PI, B484-PI, B501-PI, B538-PI, B953-PI, and B956-PI).  To view the complete line click here.  Over the years we have finished 100’s of badge styles in our vibrant pink finish.

We can finish most of our 1,000’s of badge styles in pink!

Although we have a specific Breast Cancer Awareness product line, we can finish most of our 1,000’s of badge styles in our Pink Finish. Our theme: Care To Wear Pink. Our pink badges make a bold statement. Our pink badges are only available with regular enamel, we can not use hard enamel with this finish. If a pink badge is too strong for your liking, consider a badge in one of our standard finishes with an applied breast cancer awareness seal.

We are extremely excited about the success we have had with our Breast Cancer Awareness product line. Blackinton introduced the line in 2012, so we could help the fight against Breast Cancer. We wanted to offer Public Safety Professionals a way to give back – while showing support for this horrible disease. Since launching this program, we have donated over $22,000.00, to the charities we support. We hope to see this amount continue to climb! We donate 10% of sales from our Breast Cancer Awareness line equally between the following two charities:

  1. The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation is local to our area and the charity has helped many individuals in our community battle Breast Cancer.
  2. The Firefighter Cancer Support Network provides assistance nationwide to all fire service members and their families in the event of a cancer diagnosis.

Below are some of the officers who have joined Blackinton in support of Breast Cancer Awareness:

K9 Officers