Badge Security Solutions

 Visual and Smart Police Officer and Badge Validation

A police badge, fire badge, sheriff badge, or government badge is a powerful symbol that helps to identify the wearer as a public safety official.  In the wrong hands a badge can be very dangerous.
Corruption, impersonation, and poor inventory management were the catalyst for Blackinton in developing our badge security solutions.  We wanted a solution that not only helped agencies and departments protect themselves, but the public as well. Our tamper-proof field proven technologies are scalable to meet the needs of every agency.
Whether your need is to have instant validation that a badge and police officer is authentic, or to have electronic data validation we have a solution for you.  Blackinton is the only badge manufacturer in the world authorized to sell the below field proven security solutions.  

Visual Authentication

  • SecureShift® - Color shifting enamel, with a slight turn of the badge the enamel color shifts colors. 
    • Read how the Colombia National Police implemented a solution incorporating both SecureShift and SmartShield (over 100,000 badges delivered to date).
  • UVShiftTM - UV light activated code is embedded behind SecureShift in the back of your Blackinton badge.

Systematic Validation

  • SmartShield - A Blackinton badge with an RFID chip embedded in its back to allow for automated electronic data collection and field validation. 
    • Read how Mexico (Secretaria de Seguridad Ciudadana) implemented their SmartShield solution (over 15,000 badges delivered to date).
  • ZorSecureTM Badge - Secure tag discretely placed on the back of your badge that can be scanned by your smart phone to access a secure database that can authenticate your badge.

SecureShift® is a registered trademark of JDS Uniphase Corporation.