Security Badges & Insignia

​We have been in business since 1914 and have always used Blackinton for our badge needs.  First and most importantly the sales staff.. timely and professional.  Secondly is customer service, they have always been the friendliest of any vendor I have worked with.  And finally the quality of the products has always been impeccable, I have never had to return an item sold to one of my customers..."

William Plumb
Yearwoods, Inc.
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 Number One Choice for Badges by Security Professionals

Security officers are trained to protect people, property, events etc. Security officers put their lives in jeopardy everyday for the well being of the individuals they are protecting. Traditionally security officers have worn uniform’s similar to that of police officer’s, but instead of a metal badge they have worn an embroidered patch as a means of identification. We have begun to see a shift in the industry from embroidered to metal badges worn by security companies. The shift can be attributed to the respect, authority, and security a metal badge carries with the general public.  Blackinton is the number one choice for security badges among security professionals.

Blackinton® offers a variety of different security badges: