Rush Orders

Rush Orders

Requesting A Rush Shipment

We understand that situations may arise when you need to get your badge or insignia as quickly as possible. We try our best to accommodate rush orders for ceremonies, funerals and other important occasions, but due to the custom nature of our products some delivery times cannot be significantly shortened. Each attribute of your badge requires its own unique manufacturing process. For example, adding hard enamel to a badge adds 5 days to the badges manufacturing time – we simply can’t shorten the process due to the ovens and cure time involved. A faster alternative is regular enamel. For tips on badge ordering click here.

To request a rush order please take the following steps:
  • Contact your customer service representative and let them know why you need a rush on your order (ceremony, funeral, etc). They will in turn reach out to our manufacturing manager to see if we can meet your timeline.
  • If we can meet your timeline your customer service representative will send you notification of rush acceptance with the ship date the factory has accepted. If the factory is unable to meet the date you requested your customer service representative will provide you with the best date possible based on the factory’s advisement.
  • Rush orders are pulled out of standard production and individually walked through each process within the factory. This ensures the fastest turnaround time. Although this requires additional operational labor we don’t charge you for this special service. The resulting manufacturing process is shortened, but most rush shipments still must be expedited to meet your need by dates. Customers are responsible for expedited shipping charges and by authorizing the rush order you accept responsibility for expedited shipping charges.

It is imperative that Blackinton® receives your order on the day in which we approve your rush request. If your order is sent after the date it is approved we will be unable to meet your rush request.

  • Why? Because every day counts when it comes to manufacturing time, so if an order is received a day or more after a rush is accepted we lose valuable manufacturing days and your date gets pushed out.
  • We can’t rush an order after 24 hours of receiving it. Rush orders must be requested at the time an order is placed.
  • We can’t add items to a rush order after 24 hours of receiving the order. A separate new rush request must be submitted to customer service and evaluated by the factory.