Stratham NH Police

The 300th Anniversary of the town of Stratham, New Hampshire becoming a township.  Stratham was formally known by its inhabitants as Squamscott Patent.  In honor of this anniversary the police department worked with Blackinton to created a commemorative badge.  The badge features a rich gunmetal background with rhodium panels.  The historic building featured on the badge was built in 1912 and now houses the Historic Society.

“From everyone at the Stratham Police Department we would like to thank you, the artist, manufacturers, and everyone else involved in the badge process.  The badges came out absolutely phenomenal.  This is “in my opinion” the best looking badge that I have ever seen.  The color combination of the silver on gunmetal with the blue from the town seal is absolutely gorgeous. If you aren’t already you can use the badge as a “showpiece” if you wish, the badge truly is a piece of art. So again thank you. ~ Officer Michael Doucette