Stafford County Sheriff’s

Celebrating Stafford County’s 350th Anniversary with a Commemorative Blackinton Badge

​Stafford County was established in 1664.  In this historic year Stafford County became one of the first counties in Colonial Virginia to appoint a sheriff.  The rich history of Stafford County spans back to many important events and travelers.  From Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, to George Washington and his famous fabled “chopping of the cherry tree,” to the countless Civil War soldiers’ encampments and hospitals, Stafford has centuries of tales to tell.

​In honor of the 350th Anniversary of Stafford County, Virginia, Blackinton was commissioned to create a unique commemorative badge for the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.  This stunning Anniversary badge is authorized for duty wear throughout the commemorative year of 2014.

The Commemorative Badge Features:

  • Today’s 5 point Sheriff Star
    • Encircled in a custom ring
    • Features highly detailed leaf etchings and proudly recognizes the 350th Anniversary.
  • Richly polished gold plate finish.