St. Louis County Police Department

Blackinton Helps St. Louis County Police Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary

On July 1, 1955, the St. Louis County Police Department was officially established to serve and protect the rights of all citizens within St. Louis County.  During 2015 the department will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

In honor of this milestone, the department and Blackinton collaborated and created an Anniversary badge that is available for purchase by employees, and authorized for on-duty wear during this celebratory year.

The star design was selected as a throwback to the origins of the department in 1955 when it took responsibility for law enforcement duties in St. Louis County from the sheriff’s office.  The St. Louis County Police Department is only one of two county police agencies in the state of Missouri, and is the older and larger of the two.  The department has over 1100 employees serving an urban and suburban county with nearly one million residents.

The Anniversary badge was offered in 15 different ranks. Each badge is unique and has the service number of the employee on the front of the badge. Badges were offered to both professional staff and sworn department members. The department’s chaplain corps and retirees also have the opportunity to purchase an Anniversary badge.

In honor of their service, the department commissioned nine badges to be created for each of the 9 fallen heroes of the agency.  The fallen hero’s badge was presented to each officer’s family prior to the agency’s 2015 memorial breakfast.