Service Recognition

 Commendation Bars Recognizing an Officer's Courage and Commitment to Serve

​​We have created this program to help you recognize the dedication of the men and women in your police department who display tireless courage and effort in their commitment to serve.   Our Law Enforcement Service Recognition commendation bar program is an easy to implement awards program.  There is no custom art, no die fees,  and no more guessing what each police commendation bar means!  The program features eight of our top selling bars in either gol-tone or rhodium finish, in the enamel colors shown.  Below is a listing of the bars in this program. To view each commendation bar click here.
  1. Medal of Honor, Awarded for bravery and valor ‘above and beyond the call of duty’, Style: J202-MH
  3. Medal of Valor, Distinguishing symbol of courage, and strength of mind, in the face of danger to protect life, Style: J202-MV
  5. Purple Heart, Recognizes selflessness for enduring injury in the line of duty, Style: J202-PH
  7. Meritorious Conduct, Reflects the integrity and devotion shown in a recipient’s character,
  9. Outstanding Volunteer Service, Praises generosity for exceptional efforts in community service, Style: J202-OV
  11. Life Saving, Recognizing a selfless act with the saving of human life, Style: J202-LS
  13. Years of Service, One star for every five years an officer serves bravely in the line of duty,
    Style: J202-Y5-Y30
  15. U.S.A, Patriotic symbol showing your American Pride, and your dedication and commitment to public service, Style: J201

Each bar measures 1 3/8" x 3/8"

Available in Rhodium or Gol-Tone finish

Attachment is a single slide bar holder