​We have been in business since 1914 and have always used Blackinton for our badge needs.  First and most importantly the sales staff.. timely and professional.  Secondly is customer service, they have always been the friendliest of any vendor I have worked with.  And finally the quality of the products has always been impeccable, I have never had to return an item sold to one of my customers..."

William Plumb
Yearwoods, Inc.
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 Over 160 Years of Manufacturing Excellence


​Blackinton has been a part of the local community for over 165 years!  Versatility, creativity, and a local commitment to fine craftsmanship are the values upon which Blackinton has successfully sustained over 163 years of manufacturing excellence in the United States.  We began in 1852 under the leadership of Virgil Blackinton in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts. 

In 1852, Working in Jet – a gleaming black glass – Virgil Blackinton’s creations received immediate acclaim in the world of fashion.   The first recorded products were ladies’ buckles, men’s cuff links, and hair adornments.

As the demand for decorative accessories became more sophisticated, new mediums were employed capable of accepting the intricate designs then in vogue.  Wood was richly carved or heavily Japan lacquered while other materials were embellished  with metal trim.  The vagary of fashion was such that Virgil Blackinton never went to extremes or succumbed to the temporary trends or fads.  Instead he preferred to blend good design with craftsmanship to produce a superior creation with lasting appeal – a philosophy that is now well into its second century of company practice.  

Tradition tempered by fine craftsmanship alone could not have secured the respected position Blackinton® gained almost at its very inception.  It also required an artistic sense constantly on the alert, appreciative of the trends of the day but without being bound by their dictates, sensitive to new ideas but cautious in acceptance and guided always by a respect for beauty, form and substance in all its creations.

The pieces originating with Blackinton® are a direct result of the creativity of its  people – each an artist in his own right, carefully chosen for his varied talents and skills. Blackinton® is… artists, designers, engravers, sculptors and artisans working together to achieve excellence.


 Blackinton Civil War Military Insignia


​The Blackinton® forte, artistry in metal, had its beginning with a commission to produce military insignia during the Civil War. Although military regulations required that the insignia be large and cumbersome, its product earned for Blackinton® a reputation which spread across the nation. With the cessation of the war, there was a surge of interest in identifying jewelry and Blackinton® became a major source of influence on its design. The shield, a symbol of protection from the days of “knights in armor,” took on added meaning as Blackinton® designed badges and insignia for police and fire departments. Fraternal and secret societies adopted all types of symbols as a sign of membership while industry sought to have their trademarks fashioned in metal. Blackinton® skill in metalworking was even drawn into the manufacture of hand forged swords which competed successfully with those of the famous German makers.

By the turn of the century, the varied products of Blackinton® could be found on display in almost every lodge room or parade throughout America. The artistic supremacy of Blackinton® continues through painstaking hand craftsmanship and the ingenuity of its designers’. Skilled artisans work in both base and precious metals, often combining them with other mediums – wood, ceramics, and crystal-clear Lucite to produce new and distinctive creations.


 Blackinton's Future Looks Bright


As a forward thinking company we still remain loyal to our roots working out of a 60,000 sq ft "secure" facility in Massachusetts where all stages of manufacturing is handled under one roof.

As Blackinton® looks toward the future, a number of things are certain.  Blackinton® will continue to manufacture its products in the United States, employing close to 200 of their local friends and neighbors.  In the words of Chief Operating Officer, David Long, “Our employees are such an enormous factor in the success and longevity of the business. We are so fortunate to have employees with 20, 30, and 40 years of experience. That institutional knowledge is irreplaceable.”  As new personnel join the Blackinton® family they are challenged with absorbing and understanding decades of knowledge to ensure this valuable asset is carried on.

Technology will remain a dominant force in shaping the future of Blackinton®.  The company is well on its way to establishing another 163 years of revolutionary products and services.  Quality is a timeless trait, one that has kept Blackinton® at the forefront of its industry, and one that will never be sacrificed.  The 800+ dealers who make up the Blackinton® Nationwide Dealer network will benefit as the inter-connectivity of the internet takes ordering methods to new heights.  Blackinton® has just begun to embark into the International market.  Exciting new sales expanses in Latin America are creating new business opportunities for the company to market its world renowned products.  The past defined our purpose, the present defines our future, and the future looks bright!