FlexBadge Police Emblem

 What Is A FlexBadge Emblem?


FlexBadge is a secure permanent alternative to the traditional law enforcement patch and direct embroidery. We have custom and standard offerings available, click the links below to learn more.
  • Lightweight, metallic in appearance.
  • Flexible, pliable for a comfortable fit on police polo's, carriers, etc.. flexes with the fabric.
  • More detailed and authentic looking than a law enforcement patch or direct embroidery.
  • Heat press activated textile adhesive for permanent use.
  • Adheres permanently to shirts, outerwear, bags, 'NEW baseball caps' (For application to cap the FlexBadge must be <= 3"H)
  • 'NEW' Hardsurface application to helmets, equipment, and rain wear (rain wear materials vary significantly consult with a Blackinton sales representative to confirm acceptability of the material).
  • Die cut Velcro application available, can purchase Hook (FLH), Loop (FLL), or a set of both (FLS)
  • Lies flat on material will not buckle.
  • Dry cleaning and household laundry safe.​
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 FlexBadge Videos

Watch our videos to learn more about FlexBadge.
​Title ​Description ​Duration ​Watch
​Blackinton FlexBadge ​Learn about Blackinton FlexBadge emblem our new lightweight, 3D, flexible Metallic Police and Fire Emblem ​1:51
​Heat Press Set Up & FlexBadge Application ​Instructional video which shows you how to set up your heat press, and in a few easy steps apply a FlexBadge police or firefighter emblem to a garment. ​4:16