FlexBadge Police Emblem

NO Minimum Order Quantity for Standard Styles!


 What Is A FlexBadge Emblem?



FlexBadge is a lightweight three dimensional, flexible metallic looking emblem that can be customized to replicate your badge, logo, or patch.  FlexBadge is a secure permanent alternative to the traditional law enforcement patch and direct embroidery.  It looks spectacular, almost like the real thing, and surpasses the detail and quality of direct embroidery or fire and police patches.  FlexBadge adheres permanently to shirts, outerwear, bags and much more.  Contact your Regional Sales Manager​ for additional information. 

To see our Standard FlexBadge Styles.

New Enhancements! 

You can now order as few as "1" FlexBadge on an order (standard styles only)

VELCRO Price reduced by 50%  

MINIMUM ORDER for custom styles reduced to 150 units

No Mold Fee for custom orders =>250 FlexBadges

  • Below 250 pieces the mold fee has been reduced! 

 Understanding FlexBadge Standard and Custom Emblem Offering


STANDARD FlexBadge Emblem

A handful or our most popular police badge and fire badge styles are now part of our Standard offering (click here to see styles).  Below are some of the details pertaining to this offering.
  • NO Minimum order ​quantity for standard styles.  
  • Lead time is 3 - 6 weeks
  • Finishes available for standard styles are gold, silver, gunmetal, VHB Black, and two-tone using these finishes.
CLICK HERE​ to see which FlexBadge emblem styles are part of our Standard Offering! 

FlexBadge CUSTOM Law Enforcement Emblems... Program Enhanced

We can replicate any law enforcement badge style, finish, lettering, seal, etc.  There is a one-time mold fee for all custom FlexBadges.
  • Minimum order quantity for a custom style our minimum has been reduced to 150 FlexBadge emblems... to meet this minimum you can mix block and roman font, lettering, seals, silver and gold finish all using the same FlexBadge style.  
  • Reorder Minimum order quantity is 25 units.
  • Mold FEE  For orders >=250 Units we will waive the mold fee - and we have reduced the mold fee for orders below 250 units. 
  • Lead time is 6-8 weeks for mold and production run.


We have added a name bar to our standard FlexBadge offering.  The name bar matches our most popular metal name bar style the J1 and A2450.  Below are some of the details pertaining to this offering.
  • No Minimum order quantity.
  • Ships in one week.
  • Finishes available are polished gold or silver.
  • Seals are not offered with the name bar.

 FlexBadge Videos

Watch our videos to learn more about FlexBadge.
​Title ​Description ​Duration ​Watch
​Blackinton FlexBadge ​Learn about Blackinton FlexBadge emblem our new lightweight, 3D, flexible Metallic Police and Fire Emblem ​1:51
​Heat Press Set Up & FlexBadge Application ​Instructional video which shows you how to set up your heat press, and in a few easy steps apply a FlexBadge police or firefighter emblem to a garment. ​4:16

 Key Points And Details

  • Custom emblem designs available, can replicate any police or fire badge finish and colors.
  • Lightweight, metallic in appearance.
  • Flexible, pliable for a comfortable fit on police polo's, carriers, etc.. flexes with the fabric.
  • More detailed and authentic looking than a law enforcement patch or direct embroidery.
  • Heat press activated textile adhesive for permanent use.
  • Die cut Velcro application available.  Can purchase Hook (FLH), Loop (FLL), or a set of both (FLS)
  • Lies flat on material will not buckle.
  • Dry cleaning and household laundry safe.
  • Minimum quantity is 1 emblem for standard styles and 150 pieces for custom emblem styles.
  • Lead time is 3-6 weeks for standard styles and 6-8 weeks for a new mold and production run, to reorder using an existing mold the production run is 5-6 weeks.
  • Badge styles can not be combined on an order.
  • An order can have different lettering, different lettering​ color, different seals, and can contain a combination of finishes.
  • Nothing replaces a metal badge; FlexBadge emblem provides a metallic alternative to thread and embroidery.

 Additional Information Contact


For additional information please contact your Regional Sales Manager:

To see our Standard FlexBadge Styles.