Fraternal Regalia

 American-Made Jewels and Collars

Your dedication and commitment to the Mason's, Elks, Scottish Rite, or one of the many other Fraternal Orders is similar to the Blackinton® commitment and dedication to service, and the quality of our American-made jewels and collars. Since 1852, Blackinton® has been a renowned supplier of fraternal regalia and insignia across the United States, and abroad. Our reputation spread across the nation during the Civil War after we were commissioned to produce the military insignia. With the end of the Civil War there was a surge of interest in identifying jewelry, and Blackinton became a major source of influence on its design. Fraternal and secret societies adopted all types of symbols as a sign of membership, and looked to Blackinton to have these symbols fashioned out of metal. By the turn of the century – and still to this day – Blackinton's products can be found on display in almost every lodge room or parade throughout America.
We have 100’s of jewels and collars to choose from across every Fraternal Order. If you are looking for a more custom piece our designers and artisans will work with you to create a quality fraternal product that far surpasses others out in the Market.