Blackinton wins Global Trade Award

AIM’s (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) international business council has awarded Blackinton the Diplomat’s award for excellence in International trade.

The award recognizes excellence among Massachusetts businesses engaged in international trade.

Blackinton is the largest worldwide manufacturer of police, fire, security, military, and government metal badges and uniform insignia.  Blackinton was established in 1852, and since this time the company’s manufacturing facility has been operating in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, employing its residents.

The catalyst for Blackinton’s international business was the launch of the company’s high security badges that incorporate RFID technology and color-shifting enamels.  The security badges were developed to meet the needs of customers most concerned with officer authentication and badge anti-counterfeiting.  These products are most valued in countries where police corruption and cartel activities are most active.  In Mexico, and many Central and South American countries, the Blackinton security badges meet a very serious need.  The company’s high security badges are its primary export.

Blackinton has utilized many U.S. Department of Commerce programs to help grow its international business.  Since 2008, Blackinton has experienced a dramatic growth in its export sales, growing between 50-100% each year.  Peter Roque, President of Blackinton®,
stated “We are proud of our U.S. heritage and Massachusetts history, and we are honored to receive this prestigious award. Being recognized for our efforts in international trade is a testament to the company’s commitment to developing innovative products that meet the ever changing needs of our customers. ” 

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