Top 5 Ways Public Safety Professionals Can Show Support For Breast Cancer.

by Blackinton on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Although it is summer, it is never too early to start thinking about how your department is going to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness month this October.   We put together this list of great ideas to help get you and your department thinking.

  1.  Throw a pink themed party at the station and invite the community in to visit.  Hand out pamphlets on early detection, collect coins in a pink boot or pink container to donate to research and care programs, hand out pink lemonade and pink snacks.  Have the kids paint pink pumpkins.
  2. Volunteer – there are plenty of walks, and fundraisers looking for your time to help organize and run these events.  Volunteer your time and invite the community to as well.  Or form a department team and participate in an event; i.e., Relay for life, or race for a cure, or any other event in your area.
  3. Create a sporting event – Bowling party, softball tourney, etc.. for the department or perhaps local police vs local firefighters…. invite family, friends, community collect donations at door.
  4. Sell department T-shirts – create a cool t-shirt and sell it to family friends, the community and donate all proceeds to Breast Cancer.
  5.  Wear Pink – whether you wear a small ribbon during the month of October, or your department designates a certain day during the month of October where everyone wears something pink; a badge, patch, ribbon, T-shirt, pin, handcuffs, etc…  The community see’s you every day, what better way to show support than to wear pink.
What are your department’s plans?   We’d love to see some pictures of what you have done in the past or what you plan this year!   
Early detection is key to survival, so everything we can do to help bring awareness to the disease will help.   How widespread is breast cancer?  The American Cancer Society estimates in 2017 (in the United States)
  • Approximately 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women and 2,470 in men
  • Approximately 40,610 women and 460 men will die from breast cancer

Blackinton donates 10% of all sales from our Breast Cancer line to Breast Cancer Research and Support charities.  Click Here for additional information, or Click Here to see our Breast Cancer line.

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