Expanding International Badge and Insignia Markets

Blackinton® is the number one supplier serving Federal, State, and Municipal Law Enforcement – and we continue to expand our international presence by producing badges and insignia for countries around the world.  As a testament to our excellence in International trade Blackinton has just received the 2014 Diplomat’s Award from AIM’s (Associated Industries of Massachusetts) International Business Council.

Latin America is our fastest growing international market and we believe that can be attributed to their efforts in securing their communities by strengthening and reforming their police forces, and helping to put an end to police impersonators. Today, Latin America is experiencing growth and many of its people are living in democracies thanks to countries such as Mexico, Chile, and Columbia sharing their expertise in security. Internationally we have aligned ourselves for progress by partnering with law enforcement entities looking for security solutions that help to protect both their officers and citizens. Blackinton® is the only badge manufacturer in the world selling high security badge solutions.

High Security Badge Technologies

Our high security badge technologies, Smartshield® (embedded RFID chip to enable positive validation of badge and badge wearer) and SecureShift® (color shifting enamel), have their largest installations with Mexico Policia Federal, the Republic of Columbia Policia Nacional, and the Estado de Mexico Secretaria de Seguridad Ciudadana. Our goal is to partner and bring our secure badge solutions to other police forces throughout Latin America, and around the world, to help unify the police forces throughout these countries. Our development team is busy at work expanding and building upon our security solutions to ensure we continue to exceed the security needs of police forces around the world.

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